Creating your own Tarot system

Like me, at some point you may consider creating your own tarot reading system. Or your own approach may just develop organically as you select what techniques work best for you. A few years ago I realized that adhering to external Tarot systems and traditions was not for me. I found that my personal readingContinue reading “Creating your own Tarot system”

Tarot Study How To: Three Styles of Tarot Readings

In a recent blog I spoke about the three styles of readings I offer my clients. Please read this blog for a detailed description of each style of reading. For those of you who are learning to read tarot I thought I would share a bit more about how I conduct these three styles ofContinue reading “Tarot Study How To: Three Styles of Tarot Readings”

Three Styles of Tarot Reading For Clients

This is the second in a series of articles designed to help my clients get the most out of their readings. The first article is about how to formulate your question(s) for your reading. This article will focus on the style of readings that I offer. I want client to consider not just what theirContinue reading “Three Styles of Tarot Reading For Clients”

Questions and the Tarot

Very often people who are new to tarot readings often ask for a “general reading” or just don’t come to their session prepared with any questions. Since this is a common occurrence I wanted to write another blog about the importance of asking questions when you receive a reading. Here is an analogy that cameContinue reading “Questions and the Tarot”

New Services – Past Life Readings

I am now offering past life readings. For more information on my approach to past life Tarot readings watch this video on my YouTube channel. These readings are available on my booking page now. You can book 60 or 90 minute sessions for a past life reading. I will offer them at the reduced rateContinue reading “New Services – Past Life Readings”

Daily Draws

Most books I’ve read, if not all, that teach the psycho-spiritual (Golden Dawn) approach to Tarot recommend pulling one card a day. They encourage recording your observations about that card’s energies and how they manifest in your daily experience in a journal. I did this practice for years and found it very informative. Those inContinue reading “Daily Draws”

Oracular Tarot: The Ninth Gate Effect

Just as a reminder, here is a blurb from my Oracular Tarot series introduction where I briefly discussed the Ninth Gate effect in tarot: “My first area of exploration in this series will be what Gordon White of coined the “Ninth Gate Effect.” Which is the literal manifestation of the Hermetic principle “as aboveContinue reading “Oracular Tarot: The Ninth Gate Effect”