Creating your own Tarot system

Like me, at some point you may consider creating your own tarot reading system. Or your own approach may just develop organically as you select what techniques work best for you. A few years ago I realized that adhering to external Tarot systems and traditions was not for me. I found that my personal readingContinue reading “Creating your own Tarot system”

Oracular Tarot: The Ninth Gate Effect

Just as a reminder, here is a blurb from my Oracular Tarot series introduction where I briefly discussed the Ninth Gate effect in tarot: “My first area of exploration in this series will be what Gordon White of coined the “Ninth Gate Effect.” Which is the literal manifestation of the Hermetic principle “as aboveContinue reading “Oracular Tarot: The Ninth Gate Effect”

Oracular Tarot – Context

This blog examines how context plays a role in tarot reading. In the world of tarot context is needed to anchor a reading and connect the messages that come through in a way that is relevant to mundane reality so they can be understood on a conscious level. As discussed in the last blog theContinue reading “Oracular Tarot – Context”

Tarot Predictions: Pandemic Spring 2021

I asked the Tarot what will happen with the COVID pandemic this spring. I started by looking at these cards as one cohesive message. Then I looked at it by month March, April and May. The cards point to 8 more months of vaccines being directed as a result of government taking charge of theContinue reading “Tarot Predictions: Pandemic Spring 2021”

Tarot Predictions – First 100 Days

Like many people I am apprehensive about the first 100 days of President Biden’s Term. I pulled some cards to see what the first 100 days will look like for his administration… The Ace of Cups is hugely promising. It speaks to the beginning of wonderful relationships and reconciling damaged ones. It makes sense toContinue reading “Tarot Predictions – First 100 Days”

Tarot Predictions – Post Election

I did a reading a few days before the election. While I asked who the winner would be I feel that the answer I got gave so much more information about the state of things post election. The Emperor represents Biden (a career politician who represents the establishment) who is looking to two cups thatContinue reading “Tarot Predictions – Post Election”