Questions and the Tarot

Very often people who are new to tarot readings often ask for a “general reading” or just don’t come to their session prepared with any questions. Since this is a common occurrence I wanted to write another blog about the importance of asking questions when you receive a reading. Here is an analogy that cameContinue reading “Questions and the Tarot”

Late Summer/Fall 2021 Update

If you are like me you can’t wait for fall. I love the autumn season. The kids are back in school which for me means I can get back to focusing on my Tarot reading. I wanted to share a few updates relating to my business. I made the decision to continue to only offerContinue reading “Late Summer/Fall 2021 Update”

Oracular Tarot – Tarot and Symbolism

As I mentioned in previous blogs Arthur Waite described “true tarot as symbolism.” I agree wholeheartedly with Waite. Since symbolism is at the heart of tarot this is where we start our study of my oracular tarot method. I always find looking at definitions helps me when I jump into an exploration of a newContinue reading “Oracular Tarot – Tarot and Symbolism”

Tarot Predictions: Pandemic Spring 2021

I asked the Tarot what will happen with the COVID pandemic this spring. I started by looking at these cards as one cohesive message. Then I looked at it by month March, April and May. The cards point to 8 more months of vaccines being directed as a result of government taking charge of theContinue reading “Tarot Predictions: Pandemic Spring 2021”

My Tarot Journey – Part 2

Following on my previous blog I want to share my Tarot journey over the last year or so. I did this in a separate blog because it was a very evolutionary year for me. As I mentioned in my last blog, for the last four years I kept a practice of daily card draws. ThisContinue reading “My Tarot Journey – Part 2”

3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

After years of reading for people from all different walks of life seeking many different answers, I’ve developed these 3 tips to help make your reading as useful as possible. Consider your question carefully – The nature of the question you ask is critical. The question anchors the reading’s energies and creates vital context forContinue reading “3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading”