Daily Draws

Most books I’ve read, if not all, that teach the psycho-spiritual (Golden Dawn) approach to Tarot recommend pulling one card a day. They encourage recording your observations about that card’s energies and how they manifest in your daily experience in a journal. I did this practice for years and found it very informative. Those inContinue reading “Daily Draws”

Oracular Tarot: Series Introduction

Vocabulary.com defines the term oracular as “mysterious, enigmatic, prophetic and probably a little weird.” This beautifully sums up my preferred approach to Tarot. In my series on Oracular Tarot, I will explore the weirdly mysterious, enigmatic, and prophetic approach to reading the cards. The deeper I go into my practice as a tarot reader theContinue reading “Oracular Tarot: Series Introduction”

Finding Yourself in the Tarot Court

In the Golden Dawn system of Tarot (the system I follow) everyone has a court card connected to their birthday. Some Readers will use that card to represent you in a reading. This card anchors your energy in your reading. To me, this card is like a placeholder for you in the Tarot, a startingContinue reading “Finding Yourself in the Tarot Court”