Preparing Your Question

How you ask a question in a Tarot reading will greatly affect the quality of the answer you get from the cards. Here are some tips on how to formulate a great question:

  1. If you don’t have a question at all which happens frequently. Many people just ask for a “general reading.” In this case, it would be great to ask the cards something general like what you need to balance in your life now or what energies are in your life at this time. You can also ask the cards to provide you advice that will help you to live your best life. A popular general reading is a body, mind, heart and spirit reading.
  2. Avoid yes or no questions. The Tarot was not designed for these types are questions and they take away your power in the situation. Tarot is a tool to gain insight and advice. For example, instead of asking “should I take this job?” ask “what would be the benefit of taking this job?”
  3. Try to ask questions that are focused on you not on others. While the tarot can give insight into other’s frame of mind and motivations these questions are not always the most productive. Like the yes/no question scenario, this type of query may lead you to feel disarmed of your power to affect change in the situation in question. Instead of asking if a relationship will be successful, ask what you can do to be the best person you can in this relationship. Instead of asking why something is happening in your life, ask what you can learn from this experience to improve your quality of life. There are exceptions to this rule.
  4. Use simple, direct and focused questions. Questions should not be over complicated and should aim for productive responses. For example, instead of asking why a person in your life is behaving in X,Y or Z way and causing you pain, ask how you can develop a healthier and happier relationship with this person or ask for advice on what actions you need to take for your best interest in the relationship.

Once you have your question prepared you are ready to consult the cards. Book A Reading now and we can explore your question.

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