Exciting Announcement!

My good friend Dru and I started a YouTube channel! Here’s the description from the channel: Firstly, we are not a tarot channel. (At least not exclusively.) Our content mainly revolves around Paganism, the Occult and alternative Spiritual traditions. We consider ourselves to be “Informed Mystics”, meaning we form our own personal gnosis based onContinue reading “Exciting Announcement!”

My Struggles with Social Media

You are the rock, and you are the stoneRivers your blood, mountains your boneYou are the Source, of all I’ll ever knowForever my Mother, forever my home Oh this town is so coldNeon magicians they offer the fools their goldFor there is a place I’d rather beIn your wild places with the Land and theContinue reading “My Struggles with Social Media”

Building Your Pagan Spiritual Practice: Foundational Beliefs

The Pagan spiritual landscape can be confusing and hard to navigate for the novice practitioner. It took me years of practice to wrap my head around the ins and outs of the “big tent of Paganism” as author John Beckett calls it. Of all the books I have read on Pagan based spiritual practice (manyContinue reading “Building Your Pagan Spiritual Practice: Foundational Beliefs”

Essential Supplies for Daily Practice

For the most part Pagan spiritual practices involve the use of tangible items. I’m sure there are Pagans out there who have a more minimalist approach to their practice but I’ve yet to meet one. I love using things in my practice in a mindful way. Over years of trial and error I have comeContinue reading “Essential Supplies for Daily Practice”

Some Basic Tips on Building Your Spiritual Practice

My last blog discussed my plans to start offering spiritual coaching starting in January 2021. Continuing on that vein I wanted to provide some tips for those who are struggling with starting their Pagan spiritual practice. This blog addresses step one in the process which involves a personal inventory of your spiritual belief system. AskContinue reading “Some Basic Tips on Building Your Spiritual Practice”

One-on-One Spiritual Coaching Process

If you are interested in starting a Pagan spiritual practice but are unsure where to start, read on. If you know you want a solitary practice, outside of a tradition, then you may want to consider doing some spiritual coaching with me. Together we can build a practice that is unique to you and reflectsContinue reading “One-on-One Spiritual Coaching Process”

Spiritual Coaching Services

Starting in January 2021 I will be offering Spiritual Coaching services on my sight. They will be priced the same as my Tarot reading services. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a bit of background on these services. My spiritual coaching focused on Pagan-based and Goddess-centered spirituality. So, if you connect with nature,Continue reading “Spiritual Coaching Services”

The Importance of Goddess Worship

I always wondered why so many people in Western culture seem spiritually sick, at least from my perspective. Why do they seem to constantly be filling the void with addiction or consumption of one kind or the other? Why does everyone I encounter seem to have some level of PTSD? I would include myself inContinue reading “The Importance of Goddess Worship”