Three Styles of Tarot Reading For Clients

This is the second in a series of articles designed to help my clients get the most out of their readings. The first article is about how to formulate your question(s) for your reading. This article will focus on the style of readings that I offer. I want client to consider not just what theirContinue reading “Three Styles of Tarot Reading For Clients”

Another Exciting Announcement!

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in Pagan spirituality, mysticism and all things magickal you’ll be happy to hear that my new YouTube channel with my friend Dru from Creations from the Hallow is up and running. So please check it out! We also started a Patreon community. Some of the tiersContinue reading “Another Exciting Announcement!”

Exciting Announcement!

My good friend Dru and I started a YouTube channel! Here’s the description from the channel: Firstly, we are not a tarot channel. (At least not exclusively.) Our content mainly revolves around Paganism, the Occult and alternative Spiritual traditions. We consider ourselves to be “Informed Mystics”, meaning we form our own personal gnosis based onContinue reading “Exciting Announcement!”

Newsletter Moving to Quarterly

My newsletter is moving from a monthly format to a quarterly format. I will be sending the next one is December. Then one in March, one in June and one in September. I am still offering free community seasonal Tarot readings in my newsletter. Subscribe to my newsletter today for free readings, promotions, discounts andContinue reading “Newsletter Moving to Quarterly”

Northern New England Tarot Social Group

Are you in Vermont? Northern New England? Are you an amateur, professional or aspiring Tarot reader? Want to make friends with other Tarot lovers in your region? We can learn from each other, practice readings, nerd out on Tarot and just have fun! I want to do all of this outside social media platforms. IContinue reading “Northern New England Tarot Social Group”

New Services – Past Life Readings

I am now offering past life readings. For more information on my approach to past life Tarot readings watch this video on my YouTube channel. These readings are available on my booking page now. You can book 60 or 90 minute sessions for a past life reading. I will offer them at the reduced rateContinue reading “New Services – Past Life Readings”

Late Summer/Fall 2021 Update

If you are like me you can’t wait for fall. I love the autumn season. The kids are back in school which for me means I can get back to focusing on my Tarot reading. I wanted to share a few updates relating to my business. I made the decision to continue to only offerContinue reading “Late Summer/Fall 2021 Update”

Newsletter Launch and A Thought…

Happy 2021 Everyone! I will be launching my newsletter this week. It will contain a monthly energy reading for subscribers, other fun content as well as announcements and updates. Subscribe by Saturday January 9th and receive a free gift! I wanted to share a thought as we enter a new year… I’ve noticed some peopleContinue reading “Newsletter Launch and A Thought…”

One-on-One Spiritual Coaching Process

If you are interested in starting a Pagan spiritual practice but are unsure where to start, read on. If you know you want a solitary practice, outside of a tradition, then you may want to consider doing some spiritual coaching with me. Together we can build a practice that is unique to you and reflectsContinue reading “One-on-One Spiritual Coaching Process”