Elemental Poetry – Fire

At Phase Line Orange At Phase Line Orange Scorched instincts propel forward, Bright scarlet perceptions waltz their butterfly-winged embers to ignite penitent-less passions. And the all-searing third eye resplendent in mystical attention is forevermore agape. At Phase Line Orange Flames dance. Charred ego-fires make divine bones white dust. And carrion-chained consciousness is set ablaze. FueledContinue reading “Elemental Poetry – Fire”

Elemental Poetry – Air

Aloft, I am Where eagle eyes conceal canny wren’s song, Where mile-high stratospheric views divulge the unhewn dolmen’s mystery womb spilling with crystal tower treasures and monumental darkness cracks oozing ethereal, glittering, disco ball centers. I bear unabating, vapourized embraces, for their fragile skins will release tumbling gantlets of seething battle screams. I shore it all up, calculating, categorizingContinue reading “Elemental Poetry – Air”

A Runic Poem – Lagu

Standing at her shores, between. Places. Bleeding at the knees. There are no rules in pure love’s voice. Lagu. Wading, blood and water  mix. Pink tears forming. Rose colouring your devotion. Lagu. The lost ones think they are unconstrained by their hearts. They make its beat their slave. Lagu. The soul’s law is your highest destiny. Knees bendContinue reading “A Runic Poem – Lagu”

Tarot Poetry – The Hanged Man

He Hangs. Me. Pardon me Sir, I hate to bother you while you billow there. But I must ask, Is this really what you were all about? I knew your audacious entrance would be peppered with tragedy. We all did. But of all my self-beasts You had to kill this one? The one that shinesContinue reading “Tarot Poetry – The Hanged Man”