Elemental Poetry – Fire

At Phase Line Orange

At Phase Line Orange

Scorched instincts propel forward,

Bright scarlet perceptions waltz

their butterfly-winged embers

to ignite penitent-less passions.

And the all-searing third eye

resplendent in mystical attention

is forevermore agape.

At Phase Line Orange

Flames dance.

Charred ego-fires

make divine bones

white dust.

And carrion-chained consciousness

is set ablaze.

Fueled only by love’s tinder,

love’s tinder

is your garnet heart-pyre.

At phase line orange

The devout run


Their berserk devotion

a tango of barefoot coal-treading


Eons of ground-pounding rhythms udulate

around bonfires of blinding-effulgent awareness.

At phase line orange

The bush blazes with a million angel eyes.

Its scintillating luster

the atom bomb of all eyes.

Where the only eye


gallantry shepherding

the unscathed, taintless observer

beyond every fathomed threshold

to the precipitous edged void.

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