Elemental Poetry – Air

Aloft, I am

Where eagle eyes conceal

canny wren’s song,

Where mile-high stratospheric views divulge

the unhewn dolmen’s mystery womb

spilling with crystal tower treasures

and monumental darkness cracks

oozing ethereal, glittering, disco ball centers.

I bear unabating, vapourized embraces,

for their fragile skins will release

tumbling gantlets of seething battle screams.

I shore it all up,

calculating, categorizing and collecting what I can

for just a fading glimpse of 

craggy cromlechs ripe with pellucid riches.

Published by Erika

I am: Tarot Reader Mom Pagan Wife Writer Reader Cook Astral Surfer Goddess Worshiper Mystic Seer Nature Lover

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