Tarot Study How To: Three Styles of Tarot Readings

In a recent blog I spoke about the three styles of readings I offer my clients. Please read this blog for a detailed description of each style of reading. For those of you who are learning to read tarot I thought I would share a bit more about how I conduct these three styles of reading.

  1. Psychological Readings:
    • Spreads used – Celtic Cross or a personalized spread.
    • Decks used – Tarot decks with illustrated minors or pips.
    • Significator – pre-selected court card that is shuffled into the deck. Can also use activated cards. (Cards identified prior to the reading to represent situations, goals, or additional people beyond the querent. More on what these are in an upcoming post.)
    • Pips represent situations and interactions.
    • Courts represent the querent themselves, different courts can represent aspects of the querent. Sometimes they represent other people ( I use upright courts to represent other people and reversed to represent the querent).
    • Majors or Trumps represent archetypal energies, motivators, life themes.
    • Reversals used.
  2. Spiritual Readings
    • Spreads used – none, this is a completely intuitive approach to the cards.
    • Decks used – tarot and oracle cards, sometimes I blend more than one deck into a reading, using multiple cards from each deck.
    • Significator – only when I feel it is appropriate I will use a significator or activated card. Sometimes The Fool makes a good significator for spiritual readings.
    • Pips/Minors represent the earthly matters or manifested energies in this style of reading.
    • Courts can represent the querent, rarely other people, mostly they represent beings from other realms like deities, angels, guides, etc.
    • Majors or Trumps represent the spirit realms including Divine beings, energies, wisdom, allegories, guidance, etc.
    • Reversals not used.
  3. Predictive Readings
    • Spreads used – cartomancy style spreads and techniques.
    • Decks used – cartomancy systems (Sibilla, Lenormand, Kipper, Playing Cards) and older style tarot decks.
    • Significators – are always pre-selected and shuffled into the deck. Often I will use an additional significator card that is not one of the 78 cards (Etteilla style, blank cards that come with decks are great for this, but I also will pre-select a court card too and activated cards are also used).
    • Pips/Minors represent situations, activities, outcomes and can represent tangible items and actually mirror scenes in the physical world (9th gate effect).
    • Courts – are always other people with only the exception of the pre-selected significator, they are never aspects of the querent’s personality.
    • Majors/Trumps – What is beyond your control, big events, things that happen at a societal or community level.
    • Reversals are used.

So, there is a peek behind the curtain on my approach to these three styles or reading. I hope that this provided some inspiration for other readers out there. If you want to receive one of these readings from me, book a reading now!

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