Exciting Announcement!

My good friend Dru and I started a YouTube channel!

Here’s the description from the channel:

Firstly, we are not a tarot channel. (At least not exclusively.) Our content mainly revolves around Paganism, the Occult and alternative Spiritual traditions. We consider ourselves to be “Informed Mystics”, meaning we form our own personal gnosis based on inward reflection of personal mystical experience weighed against established traditions and practices. Although we often look to outside sources, both well established traditions as well as others mystical experiences, to validate, ground, inspire and even challenge our experiences, ideas and beliefs ultimately it always comes down to our own intuitive gut check as we each walk our own path and have different needs along the way. We hope that you will join us as we come together to discuss the many topics we find interesting through the lens of informed mysticism.

Here’s the link:


Please Subscribe and watch!!

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