Questions and the Tarot

Caitlin Matthews “The Art of Celtic Seership”

Very often people who are new to tarot readings often ask for a “general reading” or just don’t come to their session prepared with any questions. Since this is a common occurrence I wanted to write another blog about the importance of asking questions when you receive a reading.

Here is an analogy that came to me recently: Doing a tarot reading with no question is like sending someone a blank email.

How would you respond to a blank email? Confusion, frustration, not respond at all, send a question back to the sender? Basically a blank email is at best confusing and at worse annoying and frustration. Tarot works much the same way because when you receive or give a reading you are entering a dialog.

Caitlin Matthews in her book The Art of Celtic Seership, brilliantly addresses the importance of asking a question when divining, she says, “Without a question, the universe cannot respond…Your question, like a stone sinking into a pool, sends its ripples throughout the two sides of reality. Like a prayer, it must travel until it is met somewhere in the universe…”

So, remember when you book a reading or sit down with a deck, the question you bring to your reading initiates a dialog that will bring you the wisdom you most need at this point in your life.

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