New Services – Past Life Readings

I am now offering past life readings. For more information on my approach to past life Tarot readings watch this video on my YouTube channel. These readings are available on my booking page now. You can book 60 or 90 minute sessions for a past life reading. I will offer them at the reduced rate of $50 an hour for the next 6 months since they are a new service.

Feel free to contact me at for more information on these readings.

Coming soon I will be offering readings for clients who wish to use Tarot to connect with Divine beings. These readings will be called “Conversation With” readings. I can help you bring your questions to your:

  • Higher Self
  • Guides
  • Spirit Animals
  • Deities
  • Archangels and Angels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Ancestors

Please note: At this point in time I do not do Mediumship readings.

Thank you and I look forward to reading for you soon! Book your reading today.

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