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Most books I’ve read, if not all, that teach the psycho-spiritual (Golden Dawn) approach to Tarot recommend pulling one card a day. They encourage recording your observations about that card’s energies and how they manifest in your daily experience in a journal. I did this practice for years and found it very informative. Those in continental camp (pre-Golden Dawn, fortune-teller style readers) seem to either shy again from daily draws or flat out critique their use. Some of them make compelling cases for not doing a daily draw. Since context is either thing, they claim that asking about your day is a weak or vague question. I respectfully disagree. I have continued this practice since abandoning the psycho-spiritual school of Tarot reading, but with one major modification. I pull three cards a day. I was inspired to pull three cards a day when I started working with Lenormand cards. Each card in Lenormand represents one word therefore three cards give you a sentence. One card is an incomplete piece of a sentence in that system.

So, I have found that pulling three cards a day fits well with my reading style. It is essentially a mini version of my usual spread-free approach to readings. I have mentioned this approach in detail when I talked about reading without spreads. If you are interested in practicing the spread-free approach I highly recommend pulling three cards a day. But you can also do one card a day especially if you are new to Tarot and want to learn to read intuitively. You can build up your own system of personal card meanings by closely studying how they manifest in your daily life. You will learn so much more than any book could ever teach you by having a daily practice of reading for yourself. Your Tarot journal will become your personal text book on Tarot. I continue to learn from the cards on a daily basis through this practice. And it has become my greatest teacher. In fact I recently learned something new about card meanings that I will share in an upcoming blog.

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