My Struggles with Social Media

You are the rock, and you are the stone
Rivers your blood, mountains your bone
You are the Source, of all I’ll ever know
Forever my Mother, forever my home

Oh this town is so cold
Neon magicians they offer the fools their gold
For there is a place I’d rather be
In your wild places with the Land and the Sky and the Sea
Every step, follows those gone before
Mystics and Saints, down to the shore
Echoing waves, and the curlew’s cry
A call out your name, and hear your reply
Cynical thoughts, and lies that distort
All that is true, all that is true
They disappear, when I feel that you’re near
When I’m with you, when I’m with you…

Land, Sky and Sea (lyrics, italics mine) Damh the Bard

I emailed a friend this morning:

“There was a story on the news today about YouTube spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Although, it has nothing to do with my content or most people in the community we engaged in, it left me feeling more and more like I don’t want to participate in any form of social media. Not to mention the fact that it fuels habits of over-consumption.”

I’ve struggled with social media for a few years now. I started this business as social media free, then based on advice of some successful colleagues I started my YouTube channel up again. Meanwhile, my addiction to watching YouTube continued. After only a few months of filming videos again I began to feel uncertain about this choice. It’s been a struggle but I am at the point where I recognize that YouTube (and all social media) is not healthy for me. Yet, in this blog there is a link to a song on YouTube, it feels almost impossible to escape it completely.

Part of my goal of this business and this blog is to chronicle my spiritual journey in hopes it will inspire others on their own path. So I feel I would be amiss if I didn’t share this part of my journey. An ugly, shadowy part, but an important one. So, I am publicly sharing that I struggle with social media. I want to be free of that struggle. Even if it means I forgo tools to build my business and opportunities to promote my work by rejecting social media. It has sucked so much of my time, prompted me spend on things I don’t need or want. It has destroyed my ability to focus, it has warped my perception of reality in many ways. Not just consuming it but creating it too. I am done.

That being said I love to blog, I also love podcasts and energetically they don’t seem to carry the same toxicity that social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube do. I won’t be starting a podcast anytime soon, blogging is my chosen platform. But I’ll probably listen to podcasts sometimes. I will also likely still use YouTube and Amazon to listen to music. But I feel called or rather dragged away from the digital world into a slower more nature-based lifestyle. I know there are others who feel this way too. Maybe you, if you prefer blogs to tweets. This is why Damh the Bard’s song Land, Sky and Sea resonates so deeply with me because when I focus on nature I feel better on a soul level.

I’m sure my struggle will continue on some level with social media. But sharing my experience publicly feels like a solid step in the direction of change and releasing the cold, neon grip of social media in favor of the warm embrace of a slow, nature focused life. So welcome back to my social media free space.

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