Tarot Predictions: Pandemic Spring 2021

I asked the Tarot what will happen with the COVID pandemic this spring. I started by looking at these cards as one cohesive message. Then I looked at it by month March, April and May.

The cards point to 8 more months of vaccines being directed as a result of government taking charge of the vaccine program to ensure that everyone gets vaccinated. There is a energy of healing and authorities providing support and actively working to ensure vaccines and relief come to people in vulnerable populations. There is also a theme of moving forward emotionally and reconnecting with relationships.

In March, we can finally feel emotionally that we can move on from the rollercoaster ride that the pandemic created. Spring brings light and hope. March represents an important next step of the journey. It also begins the work of recovery from the pandemic and this starts in the realm of water, with emotional recovery and rebuilding relationships, mourning the loss of loved ones.

In April, vaccinations will happen in greater numbers, there will be a push to get them done. The medical community may experience a critical breakthrough in April leaving communities feeling like they can rely on medical intervention more. We will feel supported by medical experts. Like in the Eight of Cups, we are headed in a positive direction to better times and recovery. April will definitely feel like we are making positive progress. There will be an announcement about a medical breakthrough related to COVID.

In May, Governments from all over the world will unite to help bring healing, support and medical care (and more vaccinations) to countries and communities who are more vulnerable. The big three world powers will focus on providing this support around the globe. Collectively, on a global level we will start to feel like we are truly empowered to turn the tide on this crisis. This confidence will allow us to shift our focus on deep healing and recovery from the trauma that this collective experience has created.

The spring of 2021 represents a huge positive shift towards the end of this crisis. There will still be eight months of this end phase of the COVID crisis. But these three months offer themes of strength, moving on, healing, positive influence of government and authorities.

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