My Tarot Journey – Part 2

Following on my previous blog I want to share my Tarot journey over the last year or so. I did this in a separate blog because it was a very evolutionary year for me. As I mentioned in my last blog, for the last four years I kept a practice of daily card draws. This practice was pivotal in the recent evolution in my practice. Because I started consistently noticing interesting psychic results from my daily readings. I also noticed that some esoteric tarot teachers had similar results. I started to feel more and more confident in my intuitive approach to tarot. Mostly because I noticed that the psychic experiences with tarot were incredibly accurate even when they went beyond the correspondences and meanings of the Golden Dawn tarot systems. But at the same time I knew be grounding in at least one traditional tarot system was crucial to being a good reader. I think that this because it gives a good jumping off point for psychic readings.

Last spring, I realized that I had enough of an understanding in the Golden Dawn/esoteric approach to tarot. I felt confident that the esoteric approach would not enhance my psychic readings any further and more time spent learning about the Golden Dawn systems no longer felt necessary. I became interested in the continental/cartomancy tradition because it seemed to better support my psychic approach to tarot (more on that later). I started to look into resources on cartomancy. I will be doing a blog in the future about the resources that I found on the continental reading traditions and how they better support my psychic approach to tarot. In my blog series on Oracular Tarot I will describe the psychic results I started noticing as I did readings for myself and others on a regular basis.

So, I spent the most of last year studying cartomancy and doing psychic readings with tarot. In the course of the last 6 months I did over 1,000 psychic tarot readings. The main thing I got from this experience is that even when I was trying to read tarot in a psycho-spiritual way psychic messages would always creep in. To the point where I realized I needed to fully embrace the work that tarot really was calling me to do. In some cases a client will clearly need a reading that is more psychological or spiritual in nature. Because of my tarot training I could provide that approach but often psychic information showed up in these readings. Once I fully embraced my own unique calling as a reader I started to conceptualize my own approach to reading that I call oracular tarot.

It seemed to me that most discussions about reading tarot intuitively were summed up with the statement that it is okay not to study any tarot systems and just jump in. Readers who take this approach read the card imagery alone. This is a fine approach and can get good results. However, my oracular approach is a blending of my experience and learning of all systems of tarot with a primary emphasis on the psychic and intuitive approach. Personally, I feel there is more to intuitive reading than simply scrying with the cards. Future blogs will explore my Oracular Tarot approach as it continues to evolve.

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