Tarot Predictions – First 100 Days

Like many people I am apprehensive about the first 100 days of President Biden’s Term. I pulled some cards to see what the first 100 days will look like for his administration…

The Ace of Cups is hugely promising. It speaks to the beginning of wonderful relationships and reconciling damaged ones. It makes sense to me that the Biden administration will make relationship building and repairing a critical part of their priorities in the next few months. We have already seen many concrete steps from his administration to rebuild international relationships like rejoining the WHO. And his decision to preserve Dr. Fauci’s role as a close advisor speaks to wise relationship management.

The Strength card at the heart of this reading indicates the determination of this administration and their commitment to achieving their goals. They are willing to fight for what they believe in and want to accomplish. By the looks of the Strength card they will have some success in managing relations some of their opponents. The strong female figure in the center of this card seems to indicate the proactive presence of Kamala Harris in the upcoming months. She will likely have a strong role to play in the achievements of the first 100 days.

The Two of Swords indicates the major challenge of dealing with the polarity within the country. It will take a strong commitment to begin to face down the emotionally charged political climate that this administration faces. The Two of Swords also indicates a balanced approach to solving problems. Such as weighing economic priorities against the challenges of the Pandemic. This Two of Swords shows Biden’s willingness to listen to all sides of a matter and try to find a middle road. On the news this morning I heard about a meeting he would have with Republican Senators who want to discuss an alternative COVID-19 Relief package. Biden’s willingness to work with them and have an open discussion illustrates this Two of Swords energy.

Overall, this reading is very promising. Despite entering a heated, emotional climate, Biden and his administration are not afraid to tackle the big challenges head on and stand for what they believe in. Biden is also working hard to build vital relationships and maintain a balanced approach while striving to hear all sides and find a middle road. His efforts will likely make some headway in healing a divided nation.

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