3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

After years of reading for people from all different walks of life seeking many different answers, I’ve developed these 3 tips to help make your reading as useful as possible.

  1. Consider your question carefully – The nature of the question you ask is critical. The question anchors the reading’s energies and creates vital context for your reading. I don’t like doing general readings because in my experience if you ask a vague question you get a vague answer. But the caveat here is be careful what you ask. The old adage “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to” rings true when it comes to Tarot readings. Seriously people, really don’t ask questions if you can’t handle an answer. Be fully prepared to get the answer you dread and be ready to have your worst fears confirmed. If you can’t handle it and you just want a reader to tell you what you want to hear, I suggest skipping the reading. Call that friend who always placates you instead. Be aware that you may chose a reader who will actually tell you what they see NOT what they think will make you happy. Also be aware of what the impact the answer will have on your life if it is not what you want to hear. Sometimes I have to do that job for clients. There are some questions I just won’t answer. Like “When will I die?” Do you really, truly want to know that answer? Maybe you do, but be prepared for a reader to refuse to take on the weight of obligation it takes to answer that. “Will he come back?” if hearing no will destroy you and trigger a horrible case of depression, please don’t ask that question. Only you can know if you can truly handle the answer. Some people can, some people needed the painful answer, but some people really, really can’t handle it. Before showing up for a reading you need to do some soul searching about the question you are going to ask and what the impact of the answer could have on you. Having an understanding of how predictive or psychic readings work will go a long way in helping you understand the implications of the answer that you receive…

2. Understand how predictions workThis clip from the movie Men in Black 3 and this other MIB 3 clip illustrate beautifully how psychic prediction works. A Tarot reading will tell you the most probable future outcome for the situation at that very moment in time. Many factors impact that outcome and even getting a reading can change it. So the future is not set in stone. We have the power to change it to varying degrees depending on the situation. So many factors are at play which makes predictability is a moving target. In my experience this is particularly true with timing questions. Even the best psychic or Tarot reader will not be right 100% of the time for this reason. This is part of the reason why it is best not to ask yes/no questions and to take timing answers with a grain of salt. The best approach in my opinion is to ask ” How can I set myself up for success in my job interview?” versus “Will I get the job?” The first question is empowering and give you the information you need to create the future you desire and the second question sets you up for potential failure even if you get the answer you want. Why? you may ask… if they predict I will get the job, great! I don’t need to worry. Sorry but no…let’s say you get a reading and the reader says you will get the job. So, instead of preparing for your interview or getting your best suit to the drycleaners… you slack off. If you hadn’t got the reading you wouldn’t have been so confident and you would be better prepared and wore your best suit. See where I am going here? The reading impacts the future outcome. So, when you don’t get the job and you think the reader was wrong, realize it is not that simple. If you asked “how can I set myself up for success?” you’d have probably brought the suit to the cleaners and prepped instead of watching Netflix. Then you’d have had a much better shot at getting the job. We always have agency in our lives and if we give that up either because we assume failure or because we assume success we are giving our power away. In that case we are not playing an active role as a co-creator of the future we want. This is why what you do after the reading is so important…

3. What you do after the reading is critical – The above scenario is one example of why what you do after the reading is critical. Because you actively play a role in creating the outcomes you were shown in your reading, including the outcomes you may wish to avoid. So what you do after the reading continues to create your future. You co-create the future – the reading (and the reader) do not. If you don’t like the outcome that the reader predicted get another reading on how best to prevent the undesired future. Or get one on how to create the future you want. Listen to what the reader tells you about how you can change the future outcome and follow their recommendations (as long as they feel right and comfortable for you). Your reading was a gift, it gave you critical information about the most likely future outcome of the scenario you inquired about. Don’t take this lightly. Rather take it as a road map to the future you desire. If it’s a direction you want to head in, find out how you can stay on that track. If it is a direction you don’t want to head in find out how best to change your course. The point is that no matter what the reading predicts you play a major role in whether that prediction becomes a reality or not. Most often your role can determine the outcome, so taking a passive approach is giving away your power in the situation. Not to mention it is also wasting the investment you made in your reading. The whole purpose of your reading was to get that roadmap, so don’t toss it out the window as you hit the gas.

There are my top 3 tips on how to make the most of your Tarot reading. I hope they were helpful. If you are interested in getting a reading that will not only predict the probable outcome but also give you the guidance to make sure you get your desired outcome book a reading with me today.

Many blessings!

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