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Happy 2021 Everyone! I will be launching my newsletter this week. It will contain a monthly energy reading for subscribers, other fun content as well as announcements and updates. Subscribe by Saturday January 9th and receive a free gift!

I wanted to share a thought as we enter a new year…

I’ve noticed some people seem to think that just because we are in a new calendar year that it means that all the challenges of 2020 are over and done. This kind of coping mechanism is totally understandable given the year we just collectively faced. However, I prefer to be prepared. I do a year reading at the end of every year that looks at each month of the upcoming year. I also look at a card to give me a feel for the overall energy of the new year. If you are interested in having a personalized year reading done book a session today. We can cover all 13 cards in a 30 minute reading or go more in-depth in a longer reading. Book your session and write Year Reading in the comment section when you complete your booking. I look forward to helping you be prepared for what 2021 holds for you. Thank you and stay healthy!!

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