Some Basic Tips on Building Your Spiritual Practice

My last blog discussed my plans to start offering spiritual coaching starting in January 2021. Continuing on that vein I wanted to provide some tips for those who are struggling with starting their Pagan spiritual practice.

This blog addresses step one in the process which involves a personal inventory of your spiritual belief system.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do I view the Divine?
  2. What experiences have I had that have felt spiritual or made me feel the most connected to Divinity?
  3. How does my living space reflect my spiritual beliefs?
  4. What regular activities in my life reflect my spiritual beliefs?
  5. What places in the world do I view as sacred?

I will be writing more blogs in the future that will address the exploration of each of these questions. In the mean time I encourage readers to begin a self exploration by contemplating these questions and writing your answers in a journal.

I also recommend doing the following quiz:

My spiritual coaching practice will be focused on Neo-Pagan and Goddess-centered spiritual practice. If your exploration of the above questions and your quiz results lead you to believe that your practice will align with my coaching program please feel free to contact me for more information.

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