One-on-One Spiritual Coaching Process

If you are interested in starting a Pagan spiritual practice but are unsure where to start, read on. If you know you want a solitary practice, outside of a tradition, then you may want to consider doing some spiritual coaching with me. Together we can build a practice that is unique to you and reflects your personal spiritual beliefs. I’m in the process of preparing my spiritual coaching services for 2021. I wanted to share what the process looks like, what the pricing will be and packages I will be offering in 2021.

My rate is $60 an hour and I will offer general one-hour sessions for open discussion with clients about their spiritual practice but if you are more interested in a structured process and/or want to save a bit of money by purchasing a package here is what I will be offering.

Basic Package $200- This includes the first 3 sessions described below and will give you the groundwork you will need to start your practice. This includes a folder with a physical copy of your spiritual plan.

In-Depth Package $425 – This includes the first 6 sessions described below and will offer you an in-depth process and valuable resources you will need to start your practice. This includes a binder I create for you and a basket of initial goodies to get you started on your path.

Complete Package $600 – This includes all of the below sessions, including the additional add-on sessions (with the exception of #5 which is available as needed). It also includes the binder and starter basket mentioned above. This is the ultimate package that will ground you solidly in your practice. I will guide you through your year and a day study with regular check-ins through the year. This is the full service package. It will prepare you to move forward on your path with confidence and expertise.

  1. Initial Interview – 90 minutes (with mini reading) – In this session we will explore your spiritual beliefs, interests, goals and desires. This information will help me to prepare a personalized approach to your practice. It includes a mini three card reading (about 15 minutes) to gain Divine guidance in this process.
  2. Sharing My Practice (and other wisdom)- 60 minutes – This session involves me sharing my personal spiritual experiences and practice based on your initial interview to help you gain some ideas and perspective on your spiritual practice.
  3. Creating a Plan – 90 minutes – In this session we will work together to develop a plan for your spiritual practice. We will cover all areas from daily practice to Esbats and Sabbats, to working with Deity, to magickal and divination practices and much more. You will come out of this session with the a basic plan for the first year and a day of your practice (that can be reassessed at the end of this period if desired).
  4. Sharing Resources – 60 minutes – In this session I will share valuable resources with you including books, videos, businesses, courses and much more to help you dive deep into spiritual study over the first year and a day of your practice. You will leave with assignments for 2 months of study.
  5. Finalizing Plan – 60 minutes – This session will take place after the 2 month study and will involve finalizing your plan based on your 2 month study and involve developing a more in-depth practice plan than initially created in the first planning session.
  6. Open Session – 60 minutes – This session is designed as a Q&A session so clients can ask me about any area of interest or dive deeper into certain areas of practice such as magick, ritual, creating a Book of Shadows, etc.
  7. Ongoing Check-ins – 4 times over 1 year and a day for 30 minutes each – These mini sessions are designed as check-ins over your year and a day. They will be structured as open sessions where clients can direct the conversation and ask critical questions. Clients can also request a shorter reading in place of an open session.
  8. Additional Package #1 – Pagan education – 60 minutes for $50 – Want to go deeper down the study rat hole? I can help you come up with a plan! I can also recommend the best resources and teachers in specific areas of interest.
  9. Additional Package #2 – Finding your Goddess (A more in-depth process) 60 minutes $50 – So, you decided that working with personified deity will be part of your practice? Let’s find the God or Goddess who is calling you. (My expertise is working with female deity but if male deity shows up we go with it. Also, note that my experience is primarily with Celtic and Norse pantheons).
  10. Additional Package #3 – Dedication ritual preparation session – 60 minutes for $75 – After a year and a day you may be ready to dedicate to your path or a specific Deity. Let’s work together to create a personalized ritual for your dedication. Includes small dedication gift.
  11. Additional Package #4 – 60 minutes Spiritual Practice reading $50 – using Tarot, oracle or other divination methods to gain insight and guidance for your spiritual journey.
  12. Additional Package #5 – Spiritual Evolution session – 60 minutes $50, this is for clients who feel that their path is evolving and need some support and guidance through times of spiritual change.
  13. Regular weekly check-ins with me via email. This is included in the complete package for clients who are working with me over their full year and a day.

I look forward to working with you on building a deeply meaningful spiritual practice in 2021! Stay tuned for more…

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