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Starting in January 2021 I will be offering Spiritual Coaching services on my sight. They will be priced the same as my Tarot reading services. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a bit of background on these services. My spiritual coaching focused on Pagan-based and Goddess-centered spirituality. So, if you connect with nature, earth, sun and moon cycles, astrology, ritual, magick, Goddess and Divine Feminine energy, polytheism (the belief in more than one deity), etc. this coaching will be of interest to you. Especially, if you are not sure where to start in setting up a personal spiritual practice. If you are not comfort just following along with someone else’s template approach to spiritual practice doing some coaching sessions will give you the confidence to completely create your own autonomous practice.

Please note my focus is in Western European Pagan spirituality, if you are interested in spiritual practices from other cultures please ask me for a referral to coaches and teachers in other traditions.

Here are a few answers to some questions about spiritual coaching that should give you an idea of my approach.

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching gives the client the opportunity to work with an experienced practitioner of a spiritual path that does not come from a formal tradition with common dogmatic beliefs. The coach shares their personal experiences and practices with the client with the aim of helping the client set up their own personalized spiritual practice that focuses on similar (but not necessarily the same) practices and beliefs.

Spiritual Coaching vs Spiritual Teaching

In my eyes the idea of teaching is more related to a style of sharing knowledge and facilitating learning through a one way process. The teacher provides knowledge that the student takes away and applies. I see coaching more as a two-sided process where the coach and client work together to create something and through that process the client learns from the coach but also works with them as a co-creator.

My style of spiritual coaching

My style of spiritual coaching is very much about co-creation, I work with my clients to help them create a spiritual practice that is very much their own. I don’t expect people to do things a certain way. I don’t believe their is just one way to do something. I don’t buy into dogmatic approaches to spirituality. Through sharing my own experiences, personal gnosis and gained wisdom I help my clients develop a practice that truly fits their unique theological belief system.

Online courses

One way that I will offer spiritual coaching is through online courses. I will be offering a course on Goddess-Centered spirituality starting in January. This will be a basic introduction to Goddess spirituality. The prices for these courses will vary based on the amount of content in each course.

One-on-One Coaching

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching you will be able to book a session with me starting in January 2021. As mentioned above these sessions will have the same rate as my tarot reading sessions. These sessions offer a much more personalized and in-depth process in developing your spiritual practice. More detail to follow in the coming weeks…

For more information please contact me at tarotwitherika@outlook.com.

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