Tarot Predictions – Post Election

I did a reading a few days before the election. While I asked who the winner would be I feel that the answer I got gave so much more information about the state of things post election. The Emperor represents Biden (a career politician who represents the establishment) who is looking to two cups that represent duality and all the intense emotions that come with the divided climate in this country now. Behind him the Angel of Temperance works hard at unifying the two cups into one. The Three of cups show the elevation of emotions that come when the two lower cups unify into one that rises above them. The Temperance figure represents his staff led by Kamala Harris. While Trump is represented by the Knight of Coins (Knights are more action oriented than Kings and in the case the Emperor. They are also more immature and impetuous). This Knight’s quest is related to the acquisition of money… this is clearly Trump. He looks on to the Nine of Pentacles which represents fulfillment or completion in the realm of material achievement. Basically, Trump is taking stock of the material gain he made during his term in the Oval Office. Perhaps, he is looking to what resources he has so he can plan his next move.

You can see that this reading gave me much more than an answer about who would win the election but also what the focus on motivations of the key players are.

Then I pulled more cards on the question: “What will happen in the election process between now and the Inauguration?”

Here is my reading:

It appears that rapid action will be taken to bring a dispute to the courts, which we have already seen the being of as I write this blog. But the Queen of Cups seems to be stepping in and blocking this process. Who is she? She clearly has a handle on the emotional pulse of the country. She is someone who contemplates before she acts and trusts her inner wisdom. Is this Kamala Harris again? Does she play some critical role in getting Trump to concede? Is it Amy Coney Barrett? Is her recent nomination to the Supreme Court going to be an instrumental factor in the success (or failure) of Trump’s efforts to challenge the election?

Sometimes, Tarot readings leave me with more questions with answers. Clearly, the stakes are high in the next few months leading up to the Inauguration. Trump will not back down easily. He is bringing the big guns and aiming to bring things all the way up to the ultimate authority. But is there one influential person who will play a role in blocking or slowing his efforts? I think that given the intensity of the situation I will do a follow up reading at some point in the next few weeks. I will share it here! Stay tuned…

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