Types of Tarot Readings

I offer several different styles of Tarot readings for clients. I wanted to give a brief description here of each style of reading. You can consider these styles before you book a reading and request a specific style if you like. If you don’t request a specific style of reading your question will predict the approach I take.

Style #1 – Psychic

Do you want to know the most probable outcome of a situation? Tarot readings that predict future outcomes are the most commonly requested type of reading. An important thing to be aware of with this style of reading is that Tarot will show us the most probable future outcome of any given situation. The future is not set in stone, we have agency to change our destiny. If we do not like the future outcome we see in our reading we can use the Tarot to advise us on how we can change that outcome to suit our needs or desires.

Style #2 – Spiritual Coaching

This style of Tarot reading is becoming more and more popular. Tarot can be used a tool to help guide us on our spiritual path. It can provide insights about our deepest spiritual lessons. It can be used as a channel for the voice of a Deity or Spirit. If you are feeling called to a New Age or Pagan spiritual path this style of reading can give you guidance on the steps to take in developing your own unique spiritual practice. This style of reading can be applied to any type of spiritual tradition but most appeals to those on a more mystical or alternative path.

Style #3 – Inspirational

This style of reading is about empowerment and taking action to make positive change or manifest desired results in your life. It can overlap with the psychic style reading and most often does. This approach leaves the client with practical steps to take to make tangible changes in their life. If you are looking for direction and practical advice this style is the right one for you.

Style #4 – Magickal

This is probably the least requested style of reading. This approach to Tarot is essentially the use of Tarot in spell craft. It can be incorporated with any of the above styles of reading. This approach can take the form of the reader giving the client directions on some simple spell work they can perform for themselves to help a situation. It can also take the form of the client requesting the reader to do spell work with the cards and other tools. This latter approach is very rare and most readers who do this will advertise spell work as a separate service with different pricing. Currently, I do the former but not the latter. If you want me to recommend a simple spell you can do to help achieve results in your life you can ask me during your reading.

So, you can see that there are several different approaches or styles of reading that I and other readers may choose to employ during a reading. As I mentioned above if you are interested in getting a certain style of reading please let me know when you book your reading.

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