Finding Yourself in the Tarot Court

In the Golden Dawn system of Tarot (the system I follow) everyone has a court card connected to their birthday. Some Readers will use that card to represent you in a reading. This card anchors your energy in your reading. To me, this card is like a placeholder for you in the Tarot, a starting point for the reading. This card allows the reader to tap into your energy helps them to give you an accurate and relevant reading. You can use any card in the deck as a “significator” (the classic term for the card that represents you in the reading) in a reading, but this blog is about the most common approach using a court card. This approach is the most popular becomes court cards are traditionally associated with personalities and people in the Tarot.

So who are you in the Tarot court? You will find so many variations on finding a court card to represent the querent (person seeks advice from the Tarot). But I will stick with the Golden Dawn system, because it is the one I personally favor. So, in the Golden Dawn the twelve astrological signs are reflected in the Tarot Knights, Queens and Kings. The Pages are an entirely different thing in the Golden Dawn system. So I don’t use them as significators in my approach because most of the time I focus on your birth date to determine your significator.

Here are the astrological correspondences for the Golden Dawn Tarot Court (Please note that these go by date range and span more than one sign):

Queen of Wands – March 11 – April 10 (Last decan Pisces and first 2 decans Aries)

King of Pentacles – April 11 – May 10 (Last decan of Aries and first 2 decans of Taurus)

Knight of Swords – May 11 – June 10 (Last decan of Taurus and first 2 decans of Gemini)

Queen of Cups – June 11 – July 11 (Last decan of Gemini and first 2 decans of Cancer)

King of Wands – July 12 – August 11 (Last decan of Cancer and first 2 decans of Leo)

Knight of Pentacles – August 12 – September 11 (Last decan of Leo and first 2 decans of Virgo)

Queen of Swords – September 12 – October 12 (Last decan of Virgo and first 2 decans of Libra)

King of Cups – October 13 – November 11 (Last decan of Libra and first 2 decans of Scorpio)

King of Wands – November 12 – December 12 (Last decan of Scorpio and first 2 decans of Sagittarius)

Queen of Pentacles – December 13 – January 9 (Last decan of Sagittarius and first 2 decans of Capricorn)

King of Swords – January 10 – February 8 (Last decan of Capricorn and first 2 decans of Aquarius)

Knight of Cups – February 9 – March 10 (Last decan of Aquarius and first 2 decans of Pisces)

So you can see for those of us born in the last decan of our sign we find ourselves in an interesting position. Using this system the court card that represents us does not align with the elemental correspondence of our astrological sign. Take me as an example I am born in the last decan of Sagittarius which is a fire sign, but my Court card is the Queen of Pentacles (Pentacles representing earth in the Tarot). My birthday is so close to the next sign Capricorn (an earth sign) so my significator is the Queen of earthy energies in the Tarot. This can reveal a lot to the savy Tarot reader about who you are and deeper aspects of your personality and life journey.

So next time you get a reading, consider letting the reader know who you are in the Tarot court, this information will add another layer of illumination to your reading and allow your reader to bring you even more insight into your question. Book a reading with me and explore who you are in the Tarot court.

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