Reading Tarot for Yourself

Obviously, as a professional Tarot Reader I highly endorse getting readings done by a professional on a regular basis (I recommend every 3 months). However, Tarot can also be a powerful tool for achieving your personal life goals, as well as a useful tool in your spiritual practice. In the next few months, I will be offering a condescended free Tarot course and a more comprehensive paid Tarot course. This short blog will outline two ways that you can start to use Tarot on a regular basis for yourself.

First, consider doing a daily draw. I recommend purchasing a copy of the Rider Waite Smith deck (which ever version appeals the most to you, there are several). Each morning or evening shuffle your deck. As you shuffle, focus on asking the Tarot what you need to know about your day. When you feel ready select a card. If you are unfamiliar with the meanings of the cards a quick google search will reveal multiple sites with meanings for the card you selected. You may want to consider getting a journal and dedicating it to your daily draws. In the journal you can keep a record of the card you draw each day, the meaning of the card and your daily experiences. As first you may not see a clear connection between your daily experiences and the card you select, but over time you will start to notice more and more connections.

Secondly, consider purchasing Tarot for Yourself: A Workbook for Personal Transformation, by Mary K. Greer. This book will guide you through exercises that are designed to help you gain insight into many areas of your life using the Tarot as a tool of self exploration. I highly recommend this book and if you commit to doing all the exercises you will learn a great deal about yourself and about Tarot.

These are two simple and inexpensive ways to begin your personal journey with Tarot. If these practices resonate with you, you may be ready to commit to a course to learn reading Tarot for yourself and others. Stay tuned for my free and paid courses in the next few months.

If you want to start with a short reading with me to get a feel for Tarot, book a reading and we’ll start to work with the cards together.

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