Tarot Predictions – Vermont and COVID: September to December 2020

I did a reading to see what things will look like in Vermont over the rest of September, October, November and December. Here’s what the cards tell me:

Card 1 September: Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is often associated with illness as well as confusion and illusions. It looks over the next few weeks of September Vermont could face dealing with rising numbers of cases of COVID and some uncertainty around what steps to take.

Card 2 October: Five of Swords

Unfortunately October is looking just as challenging as the end of September. The Five of Swords is often associated with conflict. The conflict can be internal representing stress and disturbed mental processes. I think in this case the conflict can represent both people’s stress about how to manage COVID during the winter months but it can also represent division within communities on how people wish to handle COVID. This conflict and uncertainty leads me to believe that the rise in cases will not be high enough for everyone to agree that another lock down is necessary. But the number of cases will be high enough that some people will want to take a more conservative approach while others will push for more liberal solutions.

Card 3 November: Ten of Swords

This card looks awful, but it every cloud has a silver lining. This card marks a low point things will be looking bad for the winter. But the hidden message is illustrated in the rising sun in the background. It symbolizes hope and the dawning of a new phase. This leads me to think that we may start to see some positive turn around. I think that in October more strict regulations may be put back into place and by November things will stabilize again. This card could also relate to the results of the election, something is ending and something new is coming in.

Card 4 December: King of Pentacles

Finally, things start to look up. The King of Pentacles is unanimously associated with prosperity and the enjoyment of the finer things in life. It looks like things may go well for the economy in December despite any continued needs for social distancing and staying home over the winter. Hopefully, the holiday season will bring some prosperity and joy.

Final Thoughts:

I wished for a more positive message, I have young kids at home for remote schooling three days a week and it is already a huge challenge. Unfortunately, it looks like the next few months will not exactly be smooth sailing even here in Vermont. But seeing that things will be better economically in December and Vermonters will be enjoying the holiday season and have some collective hope as we enter 2021 is hugely inspiring. I will be doing more regular reading moving forward to help us collectively navigate these challenging times.

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