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A few months ago I decided to delete all my social media accounts (with the exception of Linked-In for professional connections). It was a deeply personal decision and one I know is far from popular. Walking away from a well received, growing YouTube channel was probably the hardest part. I have no regrets about this decision. I am far more productive, focused and happy without social media in my life. I have more time to slow down and enjoy my life and live fully in the moment.

I realized that relaunching my Tarot business without a presence in social media would be a challenge. Years ago, I had a blog and I truly loved writing it. So, I’ve decided that my blog will be the means by which I get my voice out there. So please subscribe to below to receive my regular posts if my rambles interest you.

This blog will include the following types of posts:

  • Regular free general readings on our collective energies.
  • Free resources and information on the Tarot.
  • Spiritual musings.
  • Free resources on spirituality and personal growth.
  • Updates on what is happening with my business.
  • Recommendations on services, products and awesome small businesses that I love.
  • My experiences of living a social media free life.
  • And much more…

I will also by offering a regular newsletter that is geared towards my clients specific interests and needs. If you are a client you will definitely want to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up-to-date with my services.

Thank you so much for your interest in thoughts, much love and many blessings.

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I am: Tarot Reader Mom Pagan Wife Writer Reader Cook Astral Surfer Goddess Worshiper Mystic Seer Nature Lover

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